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xQc criticizes huge streaming deals for celebrities: “That’s a joke”


In response to his chat’s reaction to Neymar joining Facebook Gaming, Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel argued that big celebrity deals on streaming platforms are pointless and leave more deserving creators on the sidelines.

Whether it was the “Under Us” hype, in which the US Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez worked with Twitch streamers, or Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda streaming music production with occasional games, streaming platforms that Getting deals with celebrities is nothing new.

Participating in the platform is generally a boon to the website, the more eyes it has on it, the better.

Twitch: xQcOWxQc often reacts to different forms of media on its channel

This is of course also the case with the recent signing of the popular soccer star Neymar at Facebook Gaming. One who had xQc gives his opinion on celebrities joining streaming platforms.

xQc expresses itself on platform deals with celebrities

As he scrolled through the popular r / LiveStreamFails subreddit looking for posts and clips he viewed on his stream on 16. His chat ridiculed the move that led xQc to voice its own opinion on this type of deal.

“Folks, I’m just going to say platform deals with celebrities are absolute dogs, they’re just a joke,” said the streamer. “They don’t even meet their contractual obligations: they don’t stream, they don’t show up, they hardly give anything away.

He also explained how the celebrities are taking “a huge bag” that could benefit other streamers, specifically mentioning that it wasn’t about him. In his eyes, this is not the way to go if the streaming websites are looking to improve the platform.

“They want to buy streamers to improve the platform,” he said. “You can actually improve the platform, but you are losing a lot of money.”

As celebrities joining streaming platforms become more and more the norm, it’s important on the platforms to capitalize on those signings properly.


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