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“What he did on Sunday is just a miracle,” but how much is Bill QB Josh Allen too much? | Buffalo Bills News | NFL


The continuity of the bills should help. Everyone certainly has options with the wide receiver, but the team struggled at times to keep up with the explosiveness of the past year.

“You don’t get as many big plays in passing as you did a year ago,” said Cosell. “And for big, explosive games, it’s also a nice deodorant that solves a lot of problems. If you don’t have this, it will be more difficult. “

The Bills have 24 big play passes (25 yards or more) in 13 games this year. That puts them on the right track for around 31 big play passes in 17 games. Last year they had 32 in 16 regular season games and four postseason.

For Allen and the Bills, finding ways to win is more important than any statistic or outside perspective. But as long as the offense revolves around the All level, the convictions of the winning and casual onlookers about All as an individual will be completely intertwined.

“I think people are not aware of the process and the factors that are involved. So you’re just looking at a performance with no great context, no 30,000-foot worldview, ”Cosell said.

“He’s on a team with a sub-par offensive line and a non-existent run-game,” he added. “That’s why Josh Allen has to play literally every snap great every week to give this team a chance to win. And when he doesn’t, people all say, “Well, Josh Allen is not a good player,” when that’s not true at all. It’s just too hard to ask your quarterback to play like that. “


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