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NY Gov. Kathy Hochul, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg should do their jobs


And just like that, Kathy Hochul has become Andrew Cuomo.

True, the Empire State’s second accidental governor out of the last three hasn’t yet thunderously cast opponents out from New York political order. She hasn’t broken any legislative arms. And none of her associates has been indicted.

But hey, let’s cut her some slack. She’s new on the job.

Still, consider this:

  • Hochul is every bit Cuomo’s equal with the gubernatorial money valise — stuffing in some $23 million in campaign donations in just five months. Andrew, who played New York’s shameful cash-for-consideration governance culture like a piano, must be proud.
  • She’s got the belly-crawling partisan pander down pat. Her swift pledge of allegiance to New York’s criminal-justice crazies, to protect her hard-left in an election year, is right out of the Cuomo how-to manual.
  • And now comes the arrogance. Hochul is not quite Cuomo’s equal here — he was the product of a lifetime in always-obsequious Albany — but she’s closing in.

How else to describe her casual dismissal of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s no-such-thing-as-a-bad-boy approach to law enforcement — even as New York buries two murdered cops while staggering under the weight of steadily rising violent crime?

Former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo makes an announcement and holds media briefing at 3rd Avenue office.Former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned in August 2021. Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutters

Bragg pledges not to prosecute, or at least not too harshly, and Hochul responds: “Cut [him] some slack.” He’s new on the job.

So here are three questions for Madam Governor:

  • If you were introduced to Karina Mora, whose brother Wilbert was laid to rest from St. Patrick’s Cathedral Wednesday, could you look her in the eye and tell her Bragg needs “slack”?
  • What about Dominique Luzuriaga, the newlywed widow who spoke on behalf of her husband, rookie Jason Rivera, Friday? Would you ask her for patience?
  • And the thousands of grieving police officers jammed into St. Pat’s and filling Fifth Avenue curb to curb twice within a single week? If you were to stand before them, what would you say?

Be cool? And never mind that six comrades have been shot in the city since Alvin Bragg took office — and that the only thing certain about this especially pernicious brand of bloodshed is that there will be more of it?

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg speaks at a National Action Network’s (NAN) annual MLK Day event.Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has come under heavy fire for his controversial, progressive policies. STEFAN JEREMIAH

“How many more lives of those who protect us will be taken by violence and crime? How many mothers? How many sons will have to lose their families?” asked Det. Mora’s sister at St. Pat’s Wednesday.

“We are not safe anymore, not even members of the service,” declared Det. Rivera’s widow Friday. And speaking directly to her husband of just three months, she said, “I know you were tired of these new laws, especially the ones from the new DA. I hope he’s watching.”

“You don’t think of a big, strapping man,” Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said Wednesday, addressing Det. Mora’s mother. “You think of your son. You think of your baby. You put your head on their chest, and you listen to their heartbeat, and you think of the life they’re going to lead.”

Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul attend the funeral of murdered Police Officer Jason Rivera. Mayor Eric Adams, and Gov. Kathy Hochul attend the funeral of murdered NYPD Officer Jason Rivera. AP / John Minchillo

“Slack” for Bragg? Not likely from that quarter. Nor should there be.

The tragedy of Andrew Cuomo, a man of enormous potential, is that he purposely squandered his gifts. He gave himself over to power-driven pandering and cynicism. So nobody should doubt for a moment that were he still governor, he would be standing four-square behind Alvin Bragg — because that’s what the state’s ascending left wing demands.

And there stands Kathy Hochul, too.

A New York Police officer holds a photo of Officer Jason Rivera.A New York Police officer holds a photo of Officer Jason Rivera.AP / Yuki Iwamura

She, Alvin Bragg and the late Det. Jason Rivera, dead at 22, have this much in common: They were all new to the job.

Rivera did his, no questions asked. This is more than can be said of the other two.

So let’s cut no slack for them. None at all.

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