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Max Rose Endorsed By Staten Island Democratic Party


Former Congressman and combat veteran Max Rose received the endorsement of the Staten Island Democratic Party.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Staten Island Democratic Party,” said Max Rose. “I worked hand in hand with the members of this party to deliver results for Staten Island during my time in Congress. Whether it was saving our toll discounts, getting the vital east shore seawall underway, or providing much needed dollars for capital repairs to our hospitals and infrastructure- I always put the needs of Staten Islanders first. The Staten Island Democratic Party knows me, and they know that if we are going to tame inflation, defeat the pandemic, and finally put the economy on the side of working families than we need a member of congress who will do the right thing, no matter the cost and that’s what I have done my entire life.”

“The Democratic Committee of Richmond County voted to endorse Max Rose for Congress,” said Chairman Mike Cusick. “Max Rose has, can, and will fight like no one else for Staten Island in Washington D.C. as our member of congress. Max has a proven track record of delivering tangible results for the people of Staten Island and that’s why the Staten Island Democratic Party is proud to stand behind Max Rose for Congress.”

Max Rose is the former Congressmember for New York’s 11th Congressional District which is currently made up of Staten Island and parts of Southern Brooklyn. He served in the war in Afghanistan, earning a Purple Heart and Bronze star for his service. After Congress, Rose served as a Senior Adviser to the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. 

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