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Jake informs Paul to stop boxing as he may have health problems


Jake “The Problem Child” Paul has boxed professionally for over a year, but he may be forced to stop soon. The former YouTuber-turned-boxer revealed in an interview that he suffers from memory loss and slurred speech, and his doctors have told him to stop boxing before it’s too late.

According to Paul, his history of playing soccer along with his current boxing career was what triggered his problems. (over the sun)

“I had my brain scanned before I started boxing and the doctor told me that due to the concussions I had while playing soccer, there was too little blood flowing to certain areas of my brain … After my first year of boxing I went back and it was worse … [The doctors] The advice is not to do this sport. That’s all you can advise as a doctor, I think it hit me very hard in the past because I never made it easy. “

Jake Paul’s memory loss and slurred speech are classic signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. CTE often results from multiple subconcussive or concussive blows to the head that impair motor and other functions of the brain. Paul’s football background and return to boxing may have accelerated the development of CTE in his body.

Despite his doctor’s precautionary measures, Jake Paul is still preparing for his rematch against former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley. The former YouTube and Vine star used psychedelic drugs to fight CTE and said:

“I’ve talked to tons of people about it, and there is new research and science to fight it, things like psychedelics and toad.”


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