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Bonnie Plants Unveils Cutting-Edge Growing and E-commerce Operations with Expanded and Upgraded Greenhouse Facilities in Union Springs


“From innovative new products to increased e-commerce demand, this investment is all about creating an experience that will enhance the lives of our consumers better than ever before,” said Mike Sutterer, President and CEO of Bonnie Plants. “Not only have we improved how we produce and distribute vegetable and herb plants, but as Bonnie expands into new segments such as flowers, succulents and houseplants, this modern facility makes it possible to grow and deliver any live good any time of the year.”

The expanded operations bring around 60 jobs to Bullock County. More than 200 associates, including full- and part-time peak season associates, will support the increased production in Union Springs.

“For generations, Bonnie Plants has been a constant source of employment and economic opportunity for members of our community,” said Lynn Jinks, President, Bullock County Chamber of Commerce. “We’re extremely optimistic about the future and excited for the next chapter as this expansion strengthens Bonnie’s roots in Bullock County.”

The expanded facilities include 305,000-square-feet of open-roof, natural-ventilation greenhouses that offer better temperature and humidity control, energy savings and a reduced need for irrigation compared to traditional fan and shutter greenhouses. To streamline operations, each greenhouse is connected to a 7,800-square-foot production complex and a 45,900-square-foot distribution warehouse, creating one central facility that decreases handling time and reduces variations in temperature and climate as the plants move through the facility to ultimately provide a better product for the consumer.

The upgrade also strengthens direct fulfillment for Bonnie’s expanding e-commerce division, which has grown 860% since 2019.

“We’ve created a state-of-the-art e-commerce operation that will provide a best-in-class experience for the growing number of consumers who buy plants online,” said Sidney Phelps, Director of E-commerce of Bonnie Plants. “Advanced technology and systems throughout the facility will assist our associates in their role as the personal shoppers for the customer, hand selecting high-quality plants that will make the journey from our greenhouse to their front door.”

About Bonnie Plants
Headquartered in Opelika, Alabama, Bonnie Plants is the largest and only national supplier and producer of vegetable and herb plants for home gardens in the United States. Bonnie grows 600 varieties of quality vegetable and herb plants for home gardeners across the country, with over 80 growing facilities serving the entire United States. Established in Union Springs, Alabama in 1918 by Livingston and Bonnie Paulk, the company has remained in touch with its roots for more than 100 years. Bonnie Plants are available at garden retailers throughout the United States and online at

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